Hello Beautiful!

Hi there, Krisitina here. I just wanted to pop in, say hi and introduce myself.

Well, hi! )  

First of all, Thank you beautiful people for being here and for your interest in our boutique.

It all started  long long time ago, when i was a little girl obsessed with  brides and weddings and wanting nothing more than being a bride for the rest of my life). Lol.

There is something special about wedding day, that is filled with pure happiness, romance, love and a promise of happily ever after.   Families come together on this day, and often put aside their small or big differences, miracle -nothing less. That grumpy uncle that you haven't heard a word from will dance the night away, kids will run around all excited and sugar high, maybe even great grandma will kick her walker to the side and will hit the dance floor.


PERFECT DAY,  isnt it?

I did have my turn in being a bride and married my handsome man in 2006, actually, i loved being a bride so much , that we had two weddings, one in Russia for my side of the family and one here in States for his.  Can you tell obsessed ?


Im pretty sure our wedding photographer did not have a digital camera, and all of our photos were on the film. Talking about feeling mature, lol...

Still wasn`t enough for me, soooo, what did I do? I`ve started a bridal boutique. 

Bridal hair vines by Mon Coeur Boutique

My goal is to bring beautiful and stylish bridal accessories to you my stunning brides and bridal party at affordable price. 

 Every single piece in Mon Coeur Boutique will make a perfect accessory for your special day.

If you appreciate quality, elegance and exquisite details,  Mon Coeur Boutique is your happy place. 


Keep calm, you are getting married!

Love, Kristina

Photo credit : Jennifer Lappe Photography 

                       Jefferson Courtyard