Mirror, mirror on the wall... Getting ready for the Big Day.

Lets face it, you don't want your average hair do for the Big Day, it has to be something special! And even though relaxed and messy dos are in style these days, trust me, you will want a professional to do it. A professional hairstylist will be able to incorporate your chosen hair accessory into your look so it will be comfortable to wear and last all night.

Bride is getting tiara placed in hair do

First of all you don't need the added stress in case your bridesmaid wont be able to accomplish the desired look, second- you want to treat yourself and feel like a queen on the wedding day.

Don't delay and book a few appointments for trials ahead of time, especially if you choose a popular date to tie a knot. Its ok if you don't like the look or you don't feel a connection with the stylist, just move on and try something/someone else. No need to settle for something you don`t like on your special day.

Hairdresser fixing bridal hair. Wedding updo.

Go in with an idea of what you want your hair to look like , however don't get stuck on one look , try different things.

Often certain looks are not achievable but there are tons of tools out there to help you out. Various hair irons to add volume, hair powders and sprays, and the Holly Grail of all – hair extensions! Don't be shy, extensions are an amazing tool, add length or volume, even pop of color if you wish. Sometimes you will need just a few strands to be able to add a braid or two.

Bridal veil. Hairdresser placing bridal veil.


Please, please ask your stylist for recommendations on extensions, don't waste tons of money ahead of time. You want to make sure that extensions that you get are of a good quality and are matching your hair color ( the color that you`ll have for your wedding) perfectly. Its a good idea to have all your hair accessories by the time you are ready for the look trials.

Braided bridal wedding hairstyle with long hair vine. Messy braid.

If you have time try to help your hair growth by taking some helpful supplements. Omega-3 or Omega-6 fatty acids , vitamins A, E, C and biotin will be your best friends. Remember you`ll have to stick with this regiment for as long as you can to see results, its not a one time remedy. To make sure you getting full benefits, try to add biotin rich foods to your diet like eggs, for example. To help with keratin production, which helps hair to grow strong, consume protein rich foods like fish, nuts, chicken, etc.

Another way to help out your hair is by limiting or eliminating using hot tools for a little while. You don't want fried, frayed ends. Again, if you have a luxury of time ( but who does when you constantly planning, tasting, organizing) , get a trim and enjoy healthy looking locks .

Keep in mind, that max hair growth is only half an inch per month, so be persistent on taking supplements, healthy hair routine and don`t forget to ask your hairstylist to order a set of hair extensions .

Next time we will talk hair accessories for special occasions. Everything from boho halos to rhinestone tiaras and hair vines, stay tuned.

 Much Love, Mon Coeur Boutique.