Rhinestone Spray Bridal Comb Hair Accessory


Product Description

One of the favorite wedding looks is the layered wedding veil and bridal comb. It's a modern way of styling hairpins or combs nestled into the bun. It's chic and sophisticated and adds regality without having to wear a crown or tiara.The bridal hair combs are great options for brides wanted to do something new. They are pretty, subtle while completing the bridal look-whether vintage, boho, glamour or luxe.

When you style this look correctly, it's just breathtaking. Unfortunately, not all the veils and combs can be styled together. Your comb or headpiece needs to be designed for the special layered look. 

You can pick something like Rhinestone Spray Bridal Comb Hair Accessory to add to your veil with proper spacing, and proportions. The key is to create an overall look where the veil and headpieces appear as a pair. Here are some of the easiest tips to create picture perfect veil and bridal comb layered look.

All about proportions

When selecting the bridal comb, consider the proportion equal to your veil. They need to be slotted together. So make sure the bridal comb has a wider body than the width of the veil's comb. Your head accessory should sit well overlapping it completely. No matter what type of material is your veil made of, just make sure that your head accessory is big enough to cover the comb on the veil. 

Choose the head accessory with the split head comb

When you style your wedding hair veil and comb, ensure that you take into consideration how are they made. If there are two combs, you can layer them on top of each other. To avoid any last minute hassle, look for hair accessory which is designed with split comb system. This way you can easily style your layered look with veil and hair accessory comb without any hassle. 

Strong base to support your hair

The more the comb, stronger the base of your layered look. The layered veiled and hair accessory look is best for a hair updo but also for the half up-down hairstyles as well. 

In case you are planning to let your hair down, we recommend you to not go for the layered look unless your hairstylist is smart enough to hide the foundation of combs under your hair. 

Consider Bespoke

Sometime you might love a particular headpiece, but it could be either too big or too small for your veil or comb. Or you might want to wear your mother's veil but not sure if your head accessory will suit or not. 

Stop worrying as Mon Coeur Boutique offers you customized and handmade pieces of hair accessory where you can select your favorite one in desired shape and size. For brides looking for an exclusive rhinestone hair accessory can look for pieces like Rhinestone spray bridal comb hair accessory.  Browse for more and shop today!


  • Decorative section size: 4" x 2.5"
  • Color: gold or silver
  • Adjustable rhinestone spray
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Glass beads
  • Matching headbands and pins available, sold separately