Bridal Wedding Hair Accessory Comb With Glass Beads & Rhinestones


Product Description


  • Comb decorative section length: ~6"
  • Delicate metal flowers and leaves
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Glass beads
  • Coordinating hard headband here
  • Coordinating hair clips here

The toughest part of a wedding is deciding the hairstyle for the wedding day. The hairstyle needs to be in terms of the theme of the wedding and the wedding bridal gown. Then you have to decide whether you want to tie up your hair, pull out braids or you want to go ahead with flowy and beach waves. The second decision that is to be taken by a bride is the hair accessory that is to be chosen. In the sea of hair accessories present in the market, the bride is often confused with the best-looking accessory that will perfectly suit them. There are hair combs, headbands, tiaras, hair clips etc and all of them suit the bride in a perfect way.

There are numerous options available for the hair accessories as well. The headbands are perfect with the hair down hairstyle as they will provide you with a hint of elegance. Then come to the hair combs, which are the most flexible options for the brides. There are numerous hair combs available in the market such as hair combs studded with crystals and rhinestones to add a touch of bling such as Bridal Wedding Hair Accessory Comb With Glass Beads & Rhinestones. Further, you can go ahead with the hair clips. These are the most effortless options with which you can play on your wedding day. In case you have those beachy waves and you want to inject a tinge of sophistication, you can pair up your waves with the bling or crystal studded hairpins.

These are the best option for the playful brides present in the market. Here, in this article, we are there to give you thorough guidance on the pros of the various hairstyles that you can sport on your wedding day. 

All down

The first thing that comes to mind is that this hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous. The best part is that it is an effortless hairstyle and you can move around in whatever way you want and not worry about your hairstyle. Then you won't have a headache by the end of the day because various bobby pins won't be there in your hair. The recommendation here is that if you are donning this hairstyle then you have to make sure that someone is there to take care of it throughout the day. This is because it can become messy and unstructured and look bad in pictures by the end of the day. You can also modernize the all down hairstyle by adding a hair comb such as Bridal Wedding Hair Accessory Comb With Glass Beads & Rhinestones.

Half up hairstyle

If you are trying to go ahead with this hairstyle, you can easily accessorize it with beautiful bridal headpieces. Then your hairstyle is secure enough as you are using a lot of bobby pins to secure the half of the hair. This hairstyle looks the best when it is teamed up with curls along with long hair. The advice here will be that this one is much better than all down hairstyle, because of the sole reason that you won't have messy hair by the end of the day since half of your hair is secure. 

A Bun

This is one of the fanciest options that you are choosing for. If you are going for a hair bun, make sure that the bun is likable from all the sides with some pearls to give your head look like a pearl hair stand. Make sure you love the bun from all the sides and keep It soft and feminine. Here you are with your princess appeal on your pearl wedding.

In a nutshell, it all depends on the hairstyle you loved the most. It is your big day and the ball is in your court. We have just pinned down some of the precautions that you should take while donning one of this hairstyle. Go ahead  flower girl, your special day is around the corner.