Handmade Faux Opal Bridal Comb Hair Accessory


Product Description

Every girl dream of wearing that ultimate wedding gown one day and walk the aisle to spend the rest of her life with her partner. For this day, she ensures that she looks at her best. Everything from the wedding dress to shoes, jewelry to hair accessories, has an important role to play.

While wedding dress remains the top priority followed by rest of the things, brides often neglect the wedding hair accessory that can make or break their hairstyle for the final day. Instead of wasting hours of scrolling on Pinterest and google search images, here are few tips and tricks to learn about the art of hair accessorizing for the bridal looks.

Decide Your Hairstyle In Advance

You should know it in advance if you are planning to wear your hair up or down. For instance, if you are planning to bun wrap your hair, do you picture something like high ballerina hairstyle or a low bun to the side? In case you are blessed with thick and long hair, you can consider a big hair accessory that can easily stand to the overall weight rather than the daintier pieces which might not be well noticeable. You can easily carry something like handmade faux opal bridal comb hair accessory on your bun to look as radiant as a fresh dew.

Look at your hair accessory from every angle

When you go for wedding gown shopping, you check your dress from the back, front, up and down. Therefore, do the same with your hair accessories too. Get a complete 360-degree look at every headpiece you try and if possible click a picture to find out how does it look. This may sound silly but when you will try that you will realize that it will surely help you decide what looks better on you. The shape of your accessory from a distance will influence how it looks- scrollwork, scalloped edges or asymmetrical shape, stand out better than the uniform looking hair accessory.

Consider the color of the metal

The color of headpiece should be able to complement the color of your wedding gown. If your dress has beadwork in offwhite, a pearl headband may look too bright with it. If your style is more vintage, consider going for a headband or hairclip with an exposed metal in crystal or rhinestone hair accessory.

Adjustment is the key

The bridal wedding headband can look different depending on how you place it on your head. As a thumb rule, the higher you set the band, more dramatic it will make your hair look. It is also applicable for clips, hair pins too. Apply them as close as you can keep them towards the face to stand out more.

All your hair accessory need to work together in complete harmony. Your headpieces, veil, and jewelry should enhance your overall bridal look not distract. You can pick an elegant piece of handmade faux opal bridal comb hair accessory to add the vintage touch to your beautiful bridal gown from Mon Coeur Boutique. The boutique offers you exquisite handmade hair decorations for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls.


Size: 6"W x 3.5"H
Color: gold or silver
Faux opal rhinestones
Matching headbands available, sold separately