Set Of Two Unique Bridal Hair Comb Headpieces


Product Description



  • Set of two combs—one large, one small
  • Large comb decoration length: ~6"
  • Small comb size: 2.5"L x 1.5"W
  • Dainty crystals
  • Metal flowers and leaves

When it comes to planning for the special occasion of one’s wedding day special consideration needs to be made for the entire bridal ensemble – this also holds true for the bridal hair comb pearl head piece. In order to add that element of style, glamour, and mystique to the celebratory bridal attire, using a range of decorative accessories bridal such as hair vine and tiara combs is imperative. Available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles that suit every budget, brides will find it a challenge not to come across a product to compliment their unique vision and style for the big day.

The bridal accessories are available in a set of styles that are as vivid and varied as the celebration the bride is going to find herself in on the wedding day. Dramatic, stately, and ornate offerings are easy to come across online, from specialty vendors who deal in wedding products, and in bridal salons. If a more conservative offering is your preference, go for the specialty hair pins, glamorous handmade hair combs and tiaras of a smaller size which make for a simple wedding day look. Probably the most amazing aspect of these headpiece bridal hair products is that they are well suited for all brides irrespective of the age group they belong to. Considering that you have a vast array of products to choose from you are sure to find something that will suit your needs. Heirlooms and antique pieces of hair jewelry offer another excellent means of incorporating long-standing family traditions into the grand celebrations of the wedding day.

If the bride and her attendants are looking to give her a more coordinated wedding day look, they can use bridal hair accessories to make the entire process a more fun-filled experience. The bridesmaid could be presented with a set of hair pins or wedding hair comb as a gift from the bride. It could be overwhelming to select a bridal veil or crystal hair tiara from among all the options that a bride has available to her. Given the right amount of patience and time, it won’t be too difficult to locate the perfect accessory. Having a trusted family member or friend by your side while you go shopping will prove valuable as they will have honest opinions to offer on your preferred piece of crystal bridal hair accessory. This will help you purchase only those products that will be in accordance to both the unique personality you boast and the character of the event you have been planning for so long with your fiancé.

Set Of Two Unique Bridal Hair Comb Headpieces

The dazzling array of bridal hair comb pearl options available is a welcome sight for the bride considering all the different shapes, colors, and sizes she gets to choose from. Flashy, muted, conservative, ornate, petite, tall – even the most discerning of humans will have a hair vine bridal pearl headpiece to satisfy her desires. For those who are not able to locate their ideal accessory, there is always the option of crafting handmade hair combs with embellishments and kits purchased from stores selling craft and sewing materials.

If you desire the memory of your wedding day celebration to be a lasting one, include some fine decorative bridal hairpiece and wedding tiara into your ensemble. Once the wedding gets over, you can have the bridal hair comb pearl stored away safely and enjoy a lifetime of memories. If you think you are more the sentimental kind, you can hand down these handmade hair combs to the future generations as some form of a family tradition or heirloom for them to cherish over many more years to come. Fine bridal hair accessories such as a bridal comb tiara is a must have for any wedding occasion.

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