Set Of Two Laurel Bay Leaf Bridal Hair Combs


Product Description

Many brides love to take extra care of their hair for their wedding day. While planning for the final look for the day, they think of every latest trend and consult every hair stylist they can think of. However, the look of your hair will need to be complemented to your wedding gown, or else it can become an unnecessary focal point if it is not placed right.

Brides can go for a consistent style by adding hair accessories like pearl headband, decorative combs or something like set of two laurel bay leaf bridal hair combs by Mon Coeur Boutique. These head accessories will help them to tie their hairstyle with rest of the ensemble.

Experiment your ways to get the final look

Whether you wear your hair down or up, you might want to experiment with different hair accessories and different hairstyles. You can just play around to find out how different hairstyles accentuate your facial features as well as your wedding dress. Allow yourself to experiment before concluding the final look. You surely don't want to wait for the final day to try new look only to discover that it won't go with your dress nor with your jewelry.

 Hair vines:

If you usually keep your hair down, for a change try wearing your hair up while using hair vines and bridal hair pins to give yourself a different look. Your friends and family might have often seen you with your hair down. That's why look refreshing with a nice piny tail of a bun wrap using hair vines to keep your long hair up allowing soft wisps to fall down for a romantic look. A decorative hairpin with flowers or jewels can also provide a focal point. Pick any handmade hairpiece on your special day.


Hoping for a romantic atmosphere on your wedding? Letting your head down will surely add to the much needed dreamy romantic look. You can wear a headband to keep off the hair from your face. The wedding headband can be used as a decorative headpiece to match your wedding dress. In most of the cases, brides will pair their crystal headbands with the featured jewelry and clothing and often with bridesmaids gowns.

To conclude you can always use your creative imagination to help yourself pull together the best wedding look with the help of wedding hair accessories. While there are plenty of options to chose from, this exclusive piece of a set of two laurel bay leaf bridal hair combs will add vintage romance and sparkle. Some of the brides also want bridesmaids to pull off the same type of dresses and hair accessories on the wedding day. In such cases, brides can always add more features of their head accessories which are not there on the bridesmaids' to stand out.

Mon Coeur Boutique offers you unique handmade pieces of head decorations specially carved for the special occasions. Allow your beauty to shine with little additions of these soft and beautiful head pieces.


  • Set of two combs
  • Comb size: 3.5"W x 2"H
  • Laurel bay leaf detail
  • Color: silver or gold