Rules for Contrasting Head Jewelry To Bridal Outfit


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Lately, the trend of contrasting jewelry has been seen all across the wedding sites confirming it's demand in the market. There is no doubt that it completely looks fabulous. Nowadays brides don't need to stick to old traditional jewelry with their outfits. They can easily pick something trendy, new-age jewelry which stands out from the rest.

If you have been scrolling through the Instagram galleries to find some amazing contrast hair jewelry, this article will prove to be much of help.  You can look for contrasting bridal wedding comb hair decoration pieces to enhance your overall look as well as to make sure that your style stands out of everyone. Here are some simple rules to learn how to pull off contrasting head jewelry with your bridal outfit.

Contrasting yet same color family:

If you have been considering wearing light green, peach, pink or lilac bridal dress, you can choose the same hue for your head jewelry but on a darker tone that will stand out against your lighter outfit. Opt for dark rubies, pink stones, and pearl jewelry to add more aesthetics to your overall look. When selecting the contrasting color, long necklace with neutral tone will also work the best. Going minimalistic with the dash of color will surely boost your confidence with elegance.

Colour-blocking jewelry:

Another trending bridal style is wearing contrasting jewelry and bridal dress in completely different hues. Highlight your head jewelry with emerald stones with the pastel colored dress. If you are going for the dark bridal gown, you can select light colored pearl headband to ensure every part of you owns a different style.

Contrasting jewelry with a white gown:

A white bridal gown looks like a clean slate which is a perfect canvas for rocking every type of jewelry you want to match it with. Head jewelry with blue, green, pink, even red stones will look extremely beautiful with a white bridal gown. Adding the contrasting bridal combs in different hues will also be add class and make your overall style look more polished and chic.

Contrasting jewelry with unusual hue:

Most of the brides want their wedding down to stand out, but at times, when you decide to combine the dress with an unusual hue of jewelry, it can make both your jewelry and dress stand out more. Add some pearls to break the usual monotony while adding more contrast to your overall bridal look.

Contrasting with pearls:

If none of the above options work in favor of your bridal dress-up, and you want to keep your look more fresh yet colorful, then pearls are the perfect way to go. Add a pearl necklace with matching pearl hair accessories in the different color to keep the contrast. This will go great with dark and bright colored outfits. You can also pair the head jewelry with the border of your bridal gown.

Contrasting with double tones:

How about you ensure that the color contrast is in your jewelry, itself? These days layered statement pieces of hair decoration pearls and crystals also look great but make sure there is an element that goes with your outfit. The dual tone lovers will love bridal wedding comb hair decoration piece that features faux topaz, rhinestone crystals, and delicate flowers adding perfect shine and sparkle to your special bridal hairstyle.

So, do you have more doubts?

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