Bridal Halo Headpiece With Rhinestone Crystal Beads & Faux Pearls


Product Description


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 17"
  • Glass beads
  • Faux pearls
  • Wire loops allow for attachment with hair pins

Do you consider yourself to be something of a hopeless romantic? Does the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s move you to tears? Do you think that Audrey Hepburn has a style that is so amazing that you could die for it? Do antique whites and laces entice you? Are you into reading love poems just for the fun of it? If all – or most – of these aspects define you then you could well consider yourself to be a romantic bride!

It has been found that romantic brides love to portray a specific look for the big day of their wedding. This bride usually chooses  floral patterns, laces, intricate details, and soft glowing fabrics that seem to speak best to imagination of the perceiver to days of a bygone era. Finding a romantic vintage style wedding dress does not require much effort but finding matching bridal hair products to go alongside is a completely different story! Pairing your wedding dress with wedding hair accessories is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle that will complement and complete your wedding day looks.

Some of these vintage wedding gowns will carry immense degree of detailing so it is recommended that you go for wedding pearl headpieces that offer a certain amount of subtlety. If you have opted for a simple dress, you can enjoy the freedom of going all out with wearing an embellished headpiece as your statement vintage accessory such as a Bridal Halo Headpiece with Rhinestone Crystal Beads & Faux Pearls.

Here we take a look at some of the options in hair accessories that you can consider.

Birdcage veils: The perfect complement for any vintage or romantic-style wedding ensemble is the use of cage veils. They seem to scream out of an old-world charm and are a throwback to the era of the 1930s. You have a wide range of styles to choose from. You could go in for a very simple cage veil that does not have much by way of style around it or have it adorned all over with oversize feathers, beading, and flowers. Check back on the amount of detailing your dress carries and take up on choosing your bridal headpiece flower from there onward.

Lace headbands: Lace is probably that one thing that has a strong connection with everything vintage and this holds true for your pearl bridal headpiece as well. It does not require much effort to come across a lace bridal hair vine these days with these accessories being available in all forms of styles and shapes. Fabric-bound lace headpieces are the most common of the lot with the fabric being either a satin one with a large singular lace detail or lace running over some other fabric such as satin. Either way, these bridal halo accessories will go well with a simple wedding dress. You may be lucky enough to find one with beading and wear it either as a regular headband or place it a little further down on the head to get the perfect vintage feel. Lace-based wedding pearl headpieces are a great choice for those brides who have short hair.

Large floral combs: It is nothing uncommon to find a floral-based hair vine that can pack a punch. If you enjoy the look of a hair comb that combines lace and floral then you have two options – either you go big or you go home! Designers are betting big on custom-design oversized floral fabric combs becoming the next big thing in the bridal hair accessory market. While some of them do not contain any embellishment others have detailing done with rhinestones and crystals running along the middle. A real flower is also an option but finding the correct size that can complete the romantic vintage bride look may prove to be easier said than done. Floral combs are usually worn on the side while some grace the hair at the back. This has a lot to do with the bride’s hairstyle and whether she has opted for a veil or not.

Look no further for a bridal pearl hair accessory

If your search has not yet yielded a suitable hair accessory that can complete your vintage romantic bridal look, this pearl bridal headpiece from Mon Coeur Boutique could be just the thing missing from your look. Elegant and with a touch of sophistication, this beautiful bridal headband is a handmade product. This delicate vine has a versatility that allows you to place this headpiece whichever way you want. Whether you top it up like a crown or wear it across your forehead, the vine will make a great statement with or without a veil. Want to attach hairpins to the piece? There are a couple of small wire loops on either end to help you in that regard as well.

Mon Coeur Boutique is a premier name in hair accessories items for all those females who play an important role on the wedding day. Browse through our collection of beautiful bridal hair accessories to find that “something special” to complete your wedding day ensemble!