Handmade Bridal Hair Accessory With Rhinestones & Faux Pearls


Product Description

Your wedding day is here! Congratulations! There are chances that you have already looked into all the Pinterest boards for every possible bridal hair, decor, dresses and flowers. How exciting! It's time to bring the perfect wedding to reality.

Choosing your dress could be a hard task but something it's the hairstyle to match with your dress that makes it even harder. Now, it faces it, after all, your wedding day shouldn't be the one with the bad hair. Let's learn about some of the important wedding tricks that every bride should be aware of. 

Picking the correct hairstyle

Do you like soft waves or hair updo? How about half braided hairstyle? There are almost endless hairstyle options for the wedding. Therefore, before you decide, take a breath and consider the factors as follow:

Your wedding dress: 

Your hair should not go against the wedding dress. Instead, it should complement. If you decide to dress simple, it's recommended to go with little dramatic touch. If your wedding dress is more like a ball gown with sparkly details, you might want to go for a subtle updo. For a stunning open back, braid your hair or make a side ponytail and add some handmade bridal hair accessory with rhinestones & faux pearls

The Weather

In case your wedding is outdoor it's safer to keep your hair in control to avoid getting them messy with the breeze. If the weather is humid and hot, keep it more put togeth-er like updo to avoid any frizz and sticky hair at the back. 

The Hair Volume and Length

It's pretty easy to like hairstyles on the social media, only to realize that you cannot find any success in pulling it off. In such case, consider looking for certain hairstyles that are shorter and can be done with your length and volume. You can also wear an-other hair extension to get the perfect dreamy hairstyle.

Avoid getting the haircut before the wedding

This is something you might have heard before as well. Plan ahead to make sure you get your hair trimmed by the end of a couple of months before the final day for healthy hair. Also, ensure that you keep your hair well nourished with deep condi-tioning than waiting for last moment. 

Also, remember that it's your wedding. You should be doing what you like to do. You need to decide what will make you happy and satisfied. This means if you want to go for a crazy hairdo or just stick to a simple hairstyle with a handmade bridal hair accessory with rhinestones & faux pearls statement hair accessory, so just do it. As long as this makes you feel beautiful and happy from inside, you will look like the most beautiful bride on the earth.

Mon Couer Boutique offers you beautiful and elegant pieces of hair accessory spe-cially designed for special occasions like weddings. The brides can select from a wide array of combs, vines, headbands and hairpins to complement their wedding dress and make their hairstyle look more chic and beautiful.


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 14.5"
  • Glass beads
  • Faux pearls
  • Flowers
  • Rhinestones
  • Ribbon included
  • Wire loops allow for attachment with hair pins
  • Matching hair pins available here. Sold separately.