Bridal Wedding Extra-Long Vine Hair Accessory


Product Description

The women know the role a good hairstyle plays in boosting their confidence and personality. A bad hairdo not just makes you look different than you expected, but also takes away your boost. It is true that long hair gives your various hairstyling options, but not all hairstyles are for all personality types. While choosing the right hairdo you will have to consider few of your personality traits. To know what kind of a hairstyle will be suitable for your kind of persona, go through this post. 

Choose Your Hairstyle Seeing The Texture And Volume Your Hair Has

Most of the hairstyles depend on what is the texture of your hair and also on the right volume. The thickness of hair will decide the texture of your hair and thickness depends on the density of hair. The hair textures are divided into 3 categories. They are coarse, medium, and fine. If you fall into the fine category, then you should choose a hairdo that makes the hair look dense. The girls with thick hair should use the volume to their benefit and just make the hair have a healthy look. 

Use Your Hair Pattern To Get The Suitable Hairdo

Usually, we have three basic hair patterns: curly, wavy, and straight.
If you have straight hair, then you can simply choose to not tie them and let them flow with a hair ac-cessory like bridal wedding extra-long vine hair accessory. But if you are tired of straight hair and the same look then you can try curls. It will need time and effort to turn your straight hair into bouncy curls. You must use a perm to let your curls last for a long time. People with curly hair usually like straight hair and for that, you can choose the rebonding. if you want to go with the trends you can let your curly hair be the same as they are. Just use some product to add luster to the hair. 

Choose A Hairdo On The Basis Of Body And Face Structure

How well a hairdo will appear, depends on the body and face structure. If you have a round face but you are going in for the hairdo that will suit a chiseled face and a slim body, then you will yourself feel odd and under confident. 

Pick A Hairdo As Per The Elasticity your Hair Has

The durability and the strength define the elasticity your hair has. if you have elastic hair then you can freely choose to treat your hair for any hairstyle. If your hair is not elastic, then you will have to be careful. If your hair has less elasticity, then certain hair treatments can make them weaker and even give a bad texture.

To try some of the best hairstyles, you must first work on improving the elasticity of your hair. You can do that with regular care, combing with hair comb and use of natural products good for hair health.

For a wedding, the hairstyle of the bride is very important but not more than the health of the hair. Try different hairdos with wedding headbands but not just on the basis of trends and secure them with bridal wedding extra-long vine hair accessory. Keep in mind the various factors mentioned above to choose your best hairstyle. Mon Coeur offers you amazing hair accessory collection for the special wedding season. Visit the website for latest collection of handmade and embellished products.



  • Length: ~50"
  • Bendable and flexible
  • Glass beads
  • Faux pearls
  • Beaded flowers
  • Available with glass beads and pearls -or- with glass beads, pearls, rhinestones