Flexible Wedding Halo Headband With Rhinestones


Product Description


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 11"
  • Color: gold or silver
  • Faux pearls
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Ribbon included

If you have been closely looking at the many bridal fashion weeks that have been taking place all over the world recently, then chances are you have a fair idea of all the beautiful wedding dresses that had been up for display. In case you think you can have a wonderful, fruitful discussion regarding the same, you have our best wishes but then shouldn’t you be focusing more on the hair accessories side of things? After all, you must be aware that it is these accessories that add the much-needed style to the wedding-day looks! From jaw-dropping earrings to shoes, veils, and bridal headbands there is plenty on offer in 2018 that will allow any bride to stand out on her weeding day. Moreover, if designers are allowed to have their way brides-to-be in 2018 could find themselves wearing their hearts all over the accessories.

Bridal Hairstyles to Try In 2018 That Won’t Require a Wedding Headband

Bow for It: Bows turned out to be one of the most popular hair trends in ready-to-wear runway products for 2017 with the black color being highly sought after, tied and looped on to the hair in any manner that seemed good enough. 2018 is set to witness its foray into the bridal hair trends segment. A string of velvet ribbon or ivory grosgrain can produce the same level of appeal as a sparkly crystal bridal headband or veil while adding a more casual, sweet sentiment to the bride.

Color Theory: If you have never worn red on your lips, don’t take the risk of wearing the color on your wedding day! The opposite logic also holds true – if wearing red makes you feel like a more powerful, bolder version of yourself then by all means get hold of the brightest shade you can put your hands and swipe it on.

Color Pop: A deep ruby-red lipstick coupled with a warm bronze brush of shadow running across the eye – this is certainly not the look for the faint-hearted to put up with! When placed against the statement earrings and fringed wedding headband this proved to be the only makeup that was strong enough to hold its own.

Mon Coeur Boutique Wedding Headband with Rhinestones: An Impressive Choice for Wedding Headbands

A beautiful handmade hair adornment, the Flexible Wedding Halo Headband with Rhinestones from Mon Coeur Boutique is just the thing every bride needs on her wedding day. Lightweight to the extent that it won’t be weighing down the fabulous styling you have done to your hair and comfortable so that you can continue wearing it for a very long period of time, this crystal headband for wedding is just the thing you need for your big day. You can also choose to buy this rhinestone headband for your mother, bridesmaids, bride, or even for the flower girl and it will be just perfect.

Mon Coeur Boutique is a provider of the finest, most exquisite, and premium of handmade hair decoration products for flower girls, brides, and the bridesmaids.

We have wedding hair adornments that range from elegant halos, goddess-inspired tiaras, crystal bridal headbands and delicate vines. If you are already in possession of your “something blue, something borrowed, and something old” then have a beautiful bridal headband from the collection at Mon Coeur Boutique as your “something new!”

Tips To Help You Choose the Perfect Bridal Headband This Wedding Season

Your personal style plays a critical role: Search for accessories that fit your personal style as well as the look and feel you plan to adopt for your wedding day. While the barefoot beach bride can make do with an orchid flower or sweet starfish hair comb, the timeless or minimalist bride will find the classic hairstyle to be the perfect fit. A beautiful handmade design would go well for the Bohemian or romantic bride.

The wedding dress: The wedding dress is probably the most crucial aspect of your wedding day look as it sets the style apart for your entire look. If it is a simple dress minus any kind of embellishment then you have a good option of choosing from a wide range of accessories. If there are more detailed embellishments to it, you will have to take all of them into consideration while choosing your accessory. The color of the dress is another aspect to think about before deciding whether fabric, colored jewels, or a crystal headband for wedding suits your choice of wedding accessories.

Bridal jewelry: Ideal dress…check, an amazing hairstyle…check, the perfect bridal accessory…check. Now all you need to complete the ensemble is a good choice of bridal jewelry. It is advisable that you stick to the same metal color while matching the accessories and jewelry. Also it should of the same material as your hair accessory so if you have opted to wear a wedding headband with rhinestones then ensure your jewelry is made of rhinestones as well.


Probably the most important thing for you to do on your wedding day this 2018 is to stay true to yourself and the style that you feel best suits your persona. Don’t worry yourself about being the “perfect” bride in all traditional glory and certainly don’t heed all the “do’s” and “don’ts” that people try to put across to you. It is your big occasion and what really counts is that you should be the one feeling most authentic and most beautiful on the day more than anything else. This is a day that does not hold any rules except one – to do whatever it takes to make you happy – because above all, that is the only thing that counts!