Handmade Bridal Headpiece With Rhinestone Crystals


Product Description

As your wedding day approaches, you are filled with excitement. But at the same time, you must be checking your list to make sure everything is under control. How-ever, to make sure nothing takes away your happiness, here are your wedding day essentials for every bride.

  1. Lemon Water: From wardrobe to makeup and preparation, to getting photo-graphed, everything leading to a grand celebration can leave you dehydrated. There-fore, keep a bottle of lemon juice or lemon water handy all the time. It will not just boost your overall energy but also keep you fresh.
  2. Protein bars: Brides have plenty to prepare for their weddings. That's why it would be really very rare to see you enjoy your meal. Therefore, make sure you keep few protein bars to snack into during the day to fuel the body.
  3. The second pair of shoes: Save your feet from the gruesome pain of heels that will come with your gorgeous pair. Therefore look no further than some comfortable flats shoes while working around the house and wedding venue. Save your precious feet for the walking the aisle. 
  4. Keep the extra head accessories handy: While getting ready make sure that you keep extra hairpins for the special day. Who knows when do you need to fix your handmade bridal headpiece with rhinestone crystals or veil off your hair. Keep few extra pins to secure your loose tresses to make sure everything is under control.
  5.  Emergency Kit: In case you have some fashion emergency, the bride should be prepared with the emergency kit. The ultimate kit is properly equipped with fashion emergency including the deodorant, fashion tape, safety pin, lint removal sheets, sewing kit, satin wipe, hair band and adhesive buttons etc. Everything in a tiny box should be handy to cover any mishap. 
  6. Short veil: One of the recommended essential is your backup veil. Find your way into dancing with a short veil which is as beautiful to keep you looking extra gor-geous. The best part is you won't be tangled on the floor, or nothing will get o your way when you are dancing with your lovely husband and friends.
  7. Mints: As a bride of the special day you surely would not want to keep bad breath. Keep a mint pack handy for your wedding essential but don't go for the chew-ing gum. You really don't want to look back at your special wedding videos to find yourself chewing like a cow. 
  8. A  Happy smile: This should be your priority number one essential thing for your wedding day. Every bride must carry a happy smile on their gorgeous face. Have fun and enjoy one of the happiest and joyful days of your life and let all see how happy and radiant you look with your beautiful and cute smile. 

Stay prepared and avoid any bridal stress with these tips. The smile is infectious, and bride's happiness can be traced with waves of laughter and smile because these bliss-ful moments make your wedding day a special one.

Mon Coeur Boutique understands every bride's desire to look perfect on her day. To bring that special smile on her face, we present you exclusive handmade head accessories for weddings and special occasions. For special head accessories like handmade bridal headpiece with rhinestone crystals check out our latest online collec-tion. 


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 12"
  • Color: gold or silver
  • Rhinestone crystals