Unique Bridal Headpiece With Rhinestone Crystals


Product Description

Many things need to be ticked off the list while planning your wedding. Isn't? Reception venue, rings, perfect dress. Oh! Yes, the dress! While there are few big things, there are tons of tiny details that make your wedding unique. From your hairstyle to the jewelry and the hair pieces you will be wearing to accent with the most elegant dress you will ever wear in your life. 

These tiny details can make a massive change to how you dress for your wedding day. Simple things like selection flowers vines over tiara can completely change your look. So, here are few of the favorite styles that have managed to stay evergreen for the weddings. But in the end, it's your wedding so you can make the damn rules!!

The Tiara for The Classic Bride

Tiaras are not just for the princess styled bride. Not any longer at-least. The modern-day beauty queen interpretations bring glamour and sparkle to once upon a time traditional wedding gown. The bridal hair vines, headbands are the modern take with rhinestones and crystals in the hair against the stunning backdrop of wedding venue. Tiaras are gorgeous because you can style them on both long and short, loose and up-dos, straight and curly hair. The unique bridal headpiece with rhinestone crystals is a perfect match for a classic bride for vintage galore.

Flower Crown For Free-Spirited

If you want to be a boho-inspired bride or planning a seaside wedding or just appreciate the idea of twinning flowers into your hair, the flower vine or crown would be a perfect wedding hair accessory. The crowns do not have to be colorful and too large. You can use lace or silk flowers from your wedding dress to make an heirloom piece. The bohemian head accessories can feature pearls, rhinestone, crystals for a more real statement.

The Hair Comb for Vintage-Inspired Bride

This is one of the most versatile bridal hair accessories. Adding a bridal hair comb will be as simple as decorating your already beautifully styled mane. Whether looking for a private affair on the countryside of something glamorous, a bridal comb made of crystals, lace, freshwater pearl, silk flowers will add a touch of softness and will make your hairstyle stand out. The benefit if that you can create this piece to match any hairstyle from flowy curls to the delicate ornamental hair piece. 

The Veil For The Traditional Bride

Veils have always been part of the more traditional bride, but since there are plenty of styles to select from, you can easily change the length and fabric to create a unique look. Birdcage veils work for more vintage and traditional look, and cathedral veils are good for church weddings. Short veils are little modern where you can add more personalized touch by pairing it with hair flowers or bridal hair comb.

The wedding accessories and bridal hair items are the great way to capture your unique style. There's nothing more beautiful to express those tiny add-ons that make your wedding more personal. If you love the idea of creating something more personalized, Mon Coeur Boutique hair accessories like unique bridal headpiece with rhinestone crystals might be the right thing for you.


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 13"
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Ribbon included
  • Wire loops allow for attachment with hair pins