Rhinestone Wedding Halo Headband Vine


Product Description

Handmade Bridal Headpiece With RhiThe hairstyles play an important role to enhance your overall appearance for any occasion. If it is your wedding day you should pay some extra attention towards the hairstyle and the accessories to use with it. In this post, we shall talk about the different accessories that the brides can use.  

The Various Headpieces Particularly For The Brides

The wedding headpieces can make the hairstyle have a unique look. It is possible that some guest might be carrying the same hairdo as the bride and thus to look the most unique and beautiful lady in the wedding the headpieces are a must. Here are some ideas for you.

  • The Hair Clip Or The Bridal Barrette

The hair clips made for the brides have several jewels attached to them to make the clip look outstand-ing. This adds to the charm of the bride. While the hair clip takes care of the tidiness of your hairstyle, the jewels on it make it more than just a barrette. The hair clips are best suited if you are willing to go with the curls for the wedding day. 

  •  Hair Comb For The Ethnic Look

The hair combs are perfect if you wish to have an ethnic look as a bride. The hair combs come in simple shades and some come with engravings of ancient scriptures on them. If you want to have jew-els attached to them you can go to a jeweler to get the customization done. It keeps the hairstyle intact and gives an ethnic look to the bride. 

  • Shine With The Tiara

The girls have been kept as a princess by their fathers and thus on their wedding day, they want the same. If you are looking for the princess look, then wearing the tiara will be perfect for your big day. You do not need to wear the veil if you are wearing the tiara. If you want to have the cute look keep your hair loose and if you want the look to be bold then wear the tiara with the bun. 

  • Create A Vintage Feel With A Vine

As the name suggests the fascinator can make your hair look extremely fascinating. The vintage look of a Rhinestone Wedding Halo Headband Vine goes well with any kind of hairdo and needs very less effort to fix to use with your hair. 

  • The Flower Crown

If you are having your wedding in an old garden with a rustic look, then the flower crown is going to blend so well with the whole environment. You can wear this accessory with loose curls to get the look of the beautiful country girl. To make the whole getup beautiful, you can add floral prints to your bridal dress. 

Try these hair accessory tips for your wedding day and make this special day the most memorable. Mon Coeur offers you wide range of hair accessory like Rhinestone Wedding Halo Headband Vine that can compliment your wedding dress to give you a special look that you have always dreamt of. 
nestone Crystals


  • Length: 13.5"
  • Bendable and flexible
  • Glass beads
  • Gold metal leaves
  • Sparkly rhinestones
  • Available with glass beads and pearls -or- with glass beads, pearls, rhinestones