Bridal Hair Accessory Comb With Enamel And Crystal Flower Detail


Product Description


  • Large comb length: ~6"
  • Enamel flower detail with leaves
  • Glass crystal beads
  • Matching mini-combs available here
  • Coordinating halo here

The wedding is around the corner and you have no clue where to begin the wedding preparations. You have no idea from where to start for the preparations. There is your dress, and then your hairstyle, the perfect shoes, the hair accessory and the list goes on. The hairstyle is something that you should decide  quite a few days prior to your weddings. Go to your hairstylist and choose a hairstyle by trying different hairstyles. Try every hairstyle that you want to carry on your dress and the one that looks the best. Voila! You are good to go then.

There are way too many hair accessories to choose from. You want to look pretty, but you don’t want to overdo the look. For this, some hairstyles look better with different hair accessories. Then comes the jewelry match with your hair accessory. If the jewelry is light carry heavy hair accessory and if the jewelry is heavy carry a light hair accessory. It all depends on the way you style the nitty- gritty in your attire. Here is a proper guide to get through the process of wedding preparations:

When should you start looking for the perfect hair accessory?

The perfect time to look for your hair accessory would be when you have decided your wedding dress and you have tried various hairstyles and chosen one of them. This is because you would want to have the hairstyle decide before going ahead with the perfect hair accessory. For this, you have to decide the hairstyle. For instance, if you are choosing a high top bun, then you can go with a hair comb. If you are going with flowing hair with beach waves, you can choose for a hair comb with a veil or a vine. For side braids, you can go ahead with hair pins with all that jazz of crystal wedding piece and glitter pearl hair. 

Different hair accessories

Tiaras: Tiaras give a perfect look for a princess themed royal wedding. Then tiaras are a perfect thing for this wedding. The princess look can be adorned with your tiara. Tiaras shine out because of their versatility and because of their old and timeless look. If you are carrying a bun, wear the tiara in the middle of your forehead and if you are wearing your hair half up and half down, carry the tiara in the middle part. This will give you a perfect look.

Combs: These will give you the most effortless look if you just want to add a touch of bling. Here, all you need to do is pair them up with a low chignon at the back of the face or on the side of the face, will give you a soft yet subtle look. Falling strands of hair, here and there will give you the perfect look paired with rhinestone hair pieces or crystal embedded combs such as Bridal Hair Accessory

Comb with Enamel and Crystal Flower Detail.

Flowers: These will give you a fresh and breezy look. Couple up some fresh flowers with braids or a bun and you are ready for a summery and springy wedding. In case you are looking for metallic touch with some hair accessory, go ahead with combs with flowers such as Bridal Hair Accessory Comb with Enamel and Crystal Flower Detail.

In a nutshell, it all depends on your face structure as to which hairstyle will suit you the most. Take some time out and give this hairstyle a trial so that you can choose the perfect one. Make your wedding day and amazing one by choosing the perfect hairstyle paired with the beautiful freshwater pearl jewels and alluring wedding dress. Dress up princess, the day is here.