Set Of Three Handmade Bridal Accessory Hairpins


Product Description

Creating your perfect wedding look should top your list of some of the most important things to do for your wedding. Because there’s a lot of detailing that needs to be taken into consideration. Isn’t it? Once you have your wedding dress handy which will make most of your decision easier, you will surely need to find some shoes, jewellery, makeup and of course hairstyle. 

Each of your details will help complete your special day wardrobe and will make you put together your favourite pieces together. The last thing would be to decide what you will wear on your hair? There are plenty of options like flowers, headband, veil, tiara and hairpins like these set of three handmade bridal accessory hairpins. But selecting the right ones can be bit tricky because they are all pretty beautiful. 

Although there are more headpieces to be considered but choosing the right one also depends on various deciding factors as follows:

  1. Your wedding hairstyle: Though it’s not the primary requirement, you need to have a basic idea of what type of hairstyle you plan to wear your wedding day. Because then you can decide if you want to keep your hair up or let them loose down. There are many hair accessories like combs and clamps that work better with updos than on the loose hair. 
  2. Look of the hair accessory from a very angle: This is an important part to select the right hair accessory. Use a three-way mirror to ensure that your hair decoration looks amazing from all the angles. Wedding photographs are clicked from every angle so make sure you save yourself awkward poses. Check your hair accessory from every angle beforehand you can hair accessory can make or break your hairstyle. If you are picking something like set of three handmade bridal accessory hairpins, make sure you find the suitable hairstyle and click the picture of it from every side to get the overall look. 
  3. Your dress color and hair colour: Most of the bridal hair accessories come in different colors, so ensure that whatever you select complement with your hair and gown. 


You should perform your homework on time, check out the magazine photos, pins and share it with your hair stylist and pick the most liked ones. However, when you try your wedding gown, let your hairstylist decide the colour of veil or hair accessory that will look perfect for that moment and with that dress. 

You might have a beautiful modern dress but let’s say you just love a vintage veil. This might be a contrast which only your stylist can help you pair up. Play with the length of the veil, head accessory by adding a tiara, floral crown or embellished headband. This will work with a formal gown. Whatever you select, you are sure to look stunning if you follow the basic tips. Brides looking for exclusive bridal hair accessory can pick some handmade and exclusive head jewellery from Mon coeur Boutique, the pioneers in bridal jewelery. Check out the online catalog for hairpins, combs, headbands and tiaras for the wedding. 

  • Set of three delicate hairpins
  • Hairpin length: 2.5"
  • Color: silver or gold