Set Of Three Handmade Bridal Accessory Hairpins


Product Description

Every girl goes through the phase when their friend meets someone special, and they fall in love, get engaged and are ready to wed. Your to be bride asks you to wear a special dress as a bridesmaid for her big day. Sounds like a plan or a dilemma with nothing to select from? Well, don’t worry, here come’s the help. Here are some of the hot overall wedding bridesmaid trends for 2018. 

Cool and Casual

There will always be a bride friend in the group who is just super cool. She would never let her bridesmaid wear frocks of some girly-girl dresses. If you have one such bride friend then don’t worry, trendy jump-suits in colours like vine, burgundy is definitely going to stand out and make you look perfect for the wedding day. For hair, you can either go for an updo or let your hair in soft curls and secure them with a beautiful set of three handmade bridal accessory hairpins for added sparkle. 

Clean Slate

The trends for bridesmaid may come and go, but the classic clean and well-structured dress are always among the favorites. The classic lines and silhouettes will give more traditional look where you can add something like a set of three handmade bridal accessory hairpins for more modern feel. 

Statement Skirts

If you want to show off your pretty shoes but have decided to wear a long skirt or dress. Say hello to your new best friend! That’s right, the faux wrap dress and high low dresses are perfect to show some side of your legs and your sexy heels. You will certainly have a definite statement to make with a skirt to the shoe.


Florals had taken 2017 with the storm, and the trend continues to blast for this year as well. Introducing micro floral prints for 2018 wedding season. Slip into a bodycon dress or a skater dress with a pair of heels and a hair accessory to complete the bridesmaid look. Who knows! You might be lucky to get your special one in your best friend’s wedding.  

Bright and Bold

If you don’t want to go all out in florals, you can add more bright guys to complement the floral print. This is a great trend for mix and match option from 2017. Play with colours like a vine, plum, purple etc. to match with tiny floral prints for a perfect evening at the wedding. 

Neckline Diversity

Just like there has been uniformity in color and fabric in recent years, you can try to mix the necklines as well. Choose a dress style that can complement your body shape. Looking for a more modest look? Go for high necks and cold shoulder with little bit bling. 

If you are looking to be the best bridesmaid in the bridal party, make sure you own the style from head to toe. So, whatever you finally de-cide to wear ensure that you add a statement hair accessory to shine a little extra. Mon Coeur boutique is a one stop shop for all your bridal hair accessory needs. From embellished hair combs to the handmade hairpins and tiaras, you can pick anything that you desire and be ready to make a splash with your bridesmaid look.

  • Set of three delicate hairpins
  • Hairpin length: 2.5"
  • Color: silver