Wedding Halo Vine Headband With Rhinestone Crystals


Product Description

  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 12"
  • Glass beads
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Ribbon included
  • Wire loops allow for attachment with hair pins

Remember those childhood days when you were a kid and used to plan your wedding with her. Being picky and preparing for the bride and bridesmaids dress, hairstyle and all that jazz. The day is finally here. Your best friend is going to walk down the aisle, and you have to support her in the most precious moment of her life. A bridesmaid has got loads of responsibility. Looking at the dress. Taking care of the nitty- gritty stuff. Apart from that, a bridesmaid has to look stunning. She has to shine out from the rest of the crowd.

You have decided the dress and to perfect your look, you have to select that quintessential hairstyle. But you are puzzled. You are not able to decide that one hairstyle that will grab the attention of the audience. One alluring hairstyle, that will make you look flawless in the pictures. We are here to help you out with the best hairstyle, which will make you look magnificently amazing on your wedding day. Here are some of the best hairstyles that you can sport on your best friend’s precious day:

Sweet milkmaid updo.

If it is a springtime wedding, all you need to do is tie your hair up using hose soft braids, tease up your hair a bit and let loose your bangs. For a softer appeal, just let loose a few strands of hair and add some fresh flowers to finish up the hairdo. You are good to go. Pair this up with a floral or a dress with soft colors and you will look flawlessly amazing.

Knotted Updo

This one is a little off the beat as compared to the conventional hairstyles. The effortless knotted updo is for all the girls who are bored of braids and those fancy updo’s. This one is a little different. All you need to do is tie some knots together and pin them just above the neckline using some hair pins. Spray them up and couple the knotted updo with Wedding Halo Vine Headband With Rhinestone Crystals. This will jazz up the look and will add some bling to the whole look.

A Fancy Bun

For winter weddings, this one hairstyle conquers all the other hairstyles. For all the ladies out there, cribbing about their short hair length, fret not. We have something for you in store. All you need to do is divide your hair into sections and then twist them around a single bun. Keep the bun real low. Secure it with some bobby pins. Wear a plain dress and match it up with some crystal wedding jewels and rhinestone hair headpieces such as Wedding Halo Vine Headband with Rhinestone Crystals. You are good to go.

Three Braid Updo

This one is a little summary and a little whimsical look, perfect for the dance and the fun of the wedding. All you have to do is pair up with side brads along with a third braid and put it all together in a bun. This soft and subtle pretty hairstyle will allow you to rock the bridesmaid's dance and will take away all your blues. Add some wedding jewelery pieces to your braids for more highlighted look.

Two Bun Updo

This one is a classic yet the most effortless bun. This does look difficult to execute, but it has got a really simple trick. All you need to do is, tie up your hair in a donut bun and twist your ponytail into a bun. It is utterly important to divide your hair into sections to master this difficult yet simple looking hair bun.

Easy Ponytail Twist

All you need to do here is tie your hair in a low ponytail and twist it up. Tuck it in and secure it with some bobby pins. Way to go, girl, redefine the bun and give it a perfect hairdo. Secure it with some bobby pins and spray it up. You go girl with this chic looking and pretty simple low lying bun.

Fishtail Braid

Here all you need to do is give some volume and texture to your hair. Tease it up a little bit. Tie your hair into a side fishtail braid. Flutter the braid a little bit and give it a voluminous look. Twist it into a bun and secure it on the side using some bobby pins. Here is your diva bun, which gives some old time classic appeal to your entire look. Pair it up with some hair vines and you have a quintessential look at your disposal. Experiment is the key from freshwater pearl to natural flower, go ahead and let your innersole feel beautiful with whatever you want to.

In order to conclude, a bridesmaid needs to look perfect on this day as well. These hairstyle fits the bill perfectly well and gives an edge to your entire look. You have to jazz it up a bit and give it an everlasting appeal. It will surely be a head turner moment for all the bridesmaids walking with the brides.