Wedding Rhinestone Halo Headband


Product Description


  • Headband is not flexible
  • Glass beads
  • Rhinestones
  • Matching hair adornments are available here and here

An important and probably the most crucial aspect of any wedding is whatever the bride is wearing. Many an hour is spent in searching for the ultimate gown to wear the wedding. While this is an important element in the ensemble, it is not the most important element. The use of various hair accessories like the Wedding Rhinestone Halo Headband from Mon Coeur Boutique serve to complement her look and tone at the wedding. Various products are available in this category such as a hair vine and bridal crown. It is important to know which of these forms a subtle complement with the bride’s gown and helps her look at her very best. Some of the must-haves in bridal accessories are discussed in this article.

Bridal Jewelry

The first “must-have” on the agenda is bridal jewelry that can be utilized in a number of different forms – classy earrings, fashionable bangles, or an exquisite necklace complementing the neckline of the dress. Gold, diamonds, pearls, and rhinestones offer the various jewelry options and the choice is largely determined by the affordability and preference of the bride. Swarovski crystals have emerged as a new favorite.

Bridal Hairpieces

Bridal hair accessories often stand out as the favorite choice for brides. Crystal hair hairpieces and crystal headbands are available in a wide range and variety to choose from such that brides can form a personalized style to match their gown. For a sleek look, a wedding headband offers the optimal choice while satin ribbons and metallic headbands are other options to complement the look on floral hair. Floral designs, feathers, pearls, and crystal studs are usually the available variants while rhinestone has become something of a latest entry into the segment. A rhinestone wedding tiara such as Wedding Rhinestone Halo Headband is an extremely popular choice among brides today. The bridal hair comb is another option typically used in the decoration of an up-do. These too come in a variety of options such as feathers, pearls, crystals, and rhinestones depending on the preference of the wearer.

Bridesmaids and Wedding Hair Accessories

There is no questioning the fact that the bride is the queen of the day and no one else deserves to be in the spotlight. Nevertheless, bridesmaid tiaras have become a trending style in recent times. While the bride gets to enjoy her own royal crown of glory, the bridesmaid and the flower girl are afforded a mini version of the bridal tiara for their very own. This trend comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Bridesmaid tiaras are simpler compared to the real deal and can be minimalistic headband-types without any elegant design. So the risk of the wedding party outshining the bride with a headdress that is more elaborate and elegant is non-existent. To have a group photo where everyone is in the uniformity of wearing a tiara and a smile makes for a truly divine look.

Rose gold tiaras are meant for the wedding day, giving the hairstylist an opportunity to place one on every bridesmaid as the finishing touch to their hair style. It could be used as the perfect surprise gift for the bridesmaids by waiting until the photo session to reveal that it is for them to keep. The girls are sure to love it and can take it back as a special remembrance of their best friend’s big wedding day.

Brides running on a tight budget for their wedding but looking to give away special “girls-only” presents to their bridesmaids could also consider tiara combs as an option. These are decorative pearl headband pieces that look like tiaras but function similar to combs, adding a degree of class and prestige to every hairstyle. Similar to regular tiaras they are available in a variety of designs to match the style of the headband bridal piece.

Tiaras have the small disadvantage of possibly being lost before the wedding day, apart from adding to the cost of the occasion. In order to avoid such unpleasantness it is best to hand out this bridal headband while the ladies are doing their make-up or getting their hair done so that unforeseen errors and unexpected surprises can be avoided at all costs.