Gold Laurel Bay Leaf Handmade Bridal Tiara


Product Description


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Hand wired
  • Color: gold
  • Faux pearls


When it comes to dreaming of their wedding day many women desire something unconventional yet want to hold on to all aspects of a traditional wedding. They want to look their very special self on this special day and wish to be treated like a princess who will soon be turning into a beautiful bride. There is no better way to showcase this transition than with a world-renowned symbol of beauty as represented by a tiara, the most sought after among wedding hair accessories. A wedding bridal tiara offers a spin on tradition along with the subtle hint of elegance that is so characteristic of a princess.

Wearing a tiara will also make a bride look stylish above and beyond the time of service. Bridal veils are traditionally worn during the ceremony and are a common feature at many a wedding. Nevertheless, there is something far more fashionable about a pearl wedding bridal tiara that can be worn over the course of the wedding ceremony. A simple occasion such as the duration of the wedding preparation or something more elaborate such as the reception or bridal shower are all good options when to wear this pearl hair tiara to make a woman feel euphoric and unique. The very purpose of the bridal tiara is to last and retain many a divine memory for years to come.

To cite an example, most married women would think twice before dragging out and putting on their dusty veil for the wedding anniversary. When it comes to revealing a sparkling tiara after many a year, though, it offers something different. This hair accessory typically serves as a recollection of the happy memories of a day not so long ago in the past and is a more touching display of beauty and love. Bridal hair accessories such as the Gold Laurel Bay Leaf Handmade Bridal Tiara from Mon Coeur Boutique can also turn into prized heirlooms for the family and last down the generations which will likely give rise to a tradition of sophistication.

There are a number of different types of flower hair bridal tiaras to be taken into consideration as well. It conveys a bride’s inner beauty and serves as her transition from princess to bride so she has a number of different elements, styles, and designs to choose from. Be it in silver or gold, plain or stones, the choice lies entirely with her on how best she wishes to display her extraordinary personality and loveliness to the world on her special day. A pearl headband tiara is probably the most stunning of the lot among bridal tiara hair accessories. It does not matter whether it comes in silver or gold for the pearls in their classic element and the tiara in its unique beauty combine to give this accessory a place in the memorable statement of womanhood.

Brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls often end up feeling unduly concerned about the cost of a bridal tiara and think that it will be far beyond their preferred price range. However, one major thing that needs to be taken into consideration is if she thinks she is worthy of deserving the piece or not. If it is her desire to showcase a lovely bridal tiara then why not celebrate with one that can be worn for many years thereafter? There is no harm in following her dream of becoming a princess bride!

While talking of elegant pearl bridal tiara the one product that should be considered is the Gold Laurel Bay Leaf Handmade Bridal Tiara. This product is a show of sophistication and elegance crafted by Mon Coeur Boutique. A goddess-inspired hair accessory it carries the versatility that allows it to be positioned freely around the head in a number of different ways. Whether a bride chooses to wear it across her forehead or like a crown on top of her head, it makes a great statement when worn either individually or with a veil.

Mon Coeur Boutique is one of the leading names in producing exquisite handmade hair decors for the bridesmaids and brides. Their bridal headpieces are what every bride needs to add a touch of new to her closet of bridal fineries.