Handmade Gold Leaf Bridal Tiara Headpiece


Product Description


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Hand wired
  • Color: gold


The day Kate Middleton decided to marry wearing a stunning Cartier piece that had been designed keeping the late Queen Mother in mind the wedding tiara has witnessed a steady climb up the pecking order in bridal hair accessories. Traditional and often associated with everything royalty, the world has been witness to a number of breathtaking designs adorning the heads of princesses down the years, both in real life as well as on the silver screen.

Is it a good idea to wear a stunning piece of tiara as the ideal choice among hair accessories for the wedding day? The first thing that needs to be taken into account is whether the day is suited for a formal bridal hair tiara. For those getting married under a fairly casual wedding theme a traditional tiara is look totally out of place when used in their bridal ensemble. The tiara should enjoy a commendable place of pride among the wedding hair accessories for this is a glamorous piece that speaks all for itself. Using large glitzy necklaces and chandelier earrings and overdoing the total look is not recommended.

The tiara looks best when matched with a simple dress and this is one of the major reasons why Kate Middleton’s dress worked wonders at the Royal Wedding – she was wearing a fairly conservative dress. A lace gown featuring long sleeves is a good way to replicate that traditional romantic style. A high-neck gown with simple jewelry is another style that will bring out the elegance of the wedding bridal tiara.

Choosing the right style

For the bride who has decided that the tiara is the way forward, there are plenty of beautiful styles for her to choose from to complement the theme and her looks on the big day of her wedding.


The most formal choice among all tiaras, the style of this hair accessory is such that it is likely to be worn predominantly by royalty. The style has more height to it as compared to most others and this means that brides-to-be who have a long face should ideally avoid it.


A vintage style that can be worn either in a single or a double row, it forms an upward curve that rises to a small point just above the crown of the head. These tiaras exude a beautiful look in both pearl and crystal designs which give them a versatility that is hard to match up to.

Double Band

Modern brides look upon this as a popular style as it resembles more of a classic flower hair headband that can be easily worn with a number of different dress types. It can also be worn around the head in a number of different places depending upon the choice of hairstyle.


As evident from the name this tiara draws its inspiration from nature and is designed to represent a vine or floral wreath. It is designed in a romantic style that works wonders with a wedding dress in Grecian goddess style. The Handmade Gold Leaf Bridal Tiara Headpiece from Mon Coeur Boutique is a fine example of this style.

The success of wearing a tiara in the right manner lies in its proper positioning – it should be placed on the crown of the head and not on the forehead. The ideal placement is a little further back than expected by most brides-to-be. A hairstylist should have the necessary knowledge to help find the correct pin-up position.  Brides need to ensure that the Handmade Gold Leaf Bridal Tiara Headpiece remains placed totally flat against their hair without any kind of gap in between the pearl headband and their hairstyle unless they have opted for one of the flatter styles in the form of a headband or a double band.