Handmade Beaded Wedding Halo Headband


Product Description


  • Headband is not flexible
  • Glass beads
  • Rhinestones

Hair accessory

Even after a bride has succeeded in getting things organized she may be left wondering on the right headdress to choose for a chic, sleek, and short hairstyle. For most stylists, there is no easier option to work with than a short hairstyle as far as choosing the correct hair vine is concerned. In fact, any kind of accessory can be chosen with this hairstyle and it will make for a dazzling fit. As long as the bride works on her hair color and color theme for the wedding day, there is little chance of going wrong with the choice of hair accessories. This article talks about some of the options of bridal headdresses in the market to choose from.

The current trend in bridal jewelry for hair seems to be in everything vintage and there is little to indicate this will change anytime soon. A crystal hair tiara stands out as a classic example. While there may be some variation to them in terms of height the products are largely made with the help of crystals featuring some description. The loveliest ones in the lot also carry Swarovski crystals and can be designed in a color of the bride’s choice. Incorporating a piece of vintage jewelry into the mix can make the product an entirely unique one and there are many companies that have made a business out of this. Elderly women in the family are usually a good source for costume jewelry that can be incorporated into making this unique bridal hair headdress. A lovely idea, it has given rise to some truly stunning designs.

For those with short, sleek hair the best way to get a truly breathtaking look is by having a vine wrapped around the head. This hairstyle portrays any wedding headband as the very best ensuring that it shimmers and sparkles at every turn. A fresh Handmade Beaded Wedding Halo Headband from Mon Coeur Boutique is another great piece to have, offering the height of simplistic beauty. With some lily and fresh rose thrown into the mix, brides can enjoy wearing a fun, fresh, unique, and extremely cost-effective headdress. Fresh flowers for the season are also not to be underestimated especially for the bridesmaids who look stunning when wearing flower circlets which are yet again beautiful and cost effective.

Luscious, untamed, curly, and short – if this is the hairstyle of the bride then she can opt for the classical tiara with some added height for the perfect look. This can be adopted in two different styles – one incorporating vintage wax flowers and the other featuring the purity of the lace. A combination of hair vines and vintage wax flowers not only makes for a flattering style but exudes a pure vintage charm that is sure to become the talking point at the wedding. In case of the lace variant, the lace can be hand dyed carefully with natural dyes for a vintage look. Some Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls added to this ensemble will give a stunning head piece that draws upon vintage inspiration.

As is the case with the wedding day dress, a bride is also likely to know which hair accessory is the right choice for her and her hairstyle. Being accompanied by the hair stylist for one of the fitting sessions is a good idea as this will allow her to try on different styles and figure out the one that feels the best.

A hair accessory that is sure to be a good fit for the short-haired bride is the Handmade Beaded Wedding Halo Headband from Mon Coeur Boutique. It features a gorgeous design and makes for a truly elegant and sophisticated wear. This pearl headband can be worn individually or in combination with a veil and is the perfect fit for the mother, bridesmaids, brides, and flower girls who wish to dazzle the audience with their choice of unique bridal headband.

Mon Coeur Boutique offers a collection of premier handmade bridal hair decoration products for the lovely ladies who grace a wedding with their presence. Their range of products is an upgrade on anything that might already be present in the wardrobe so that the women have something new and exciting to work with.