Bridal Laurel Leaf Comb Headpiece


Product Description

Your wedding day is around the corner. Your dress is checked, your shoes are checked, you have bought your jewelry, hair accessory, and everything little make up item you need on your dream day. You may think you are all set to go for your special day except that you haven't yet decided on your hairstyle and how are you going to use your hair accessory. 

One of the most popular hair accessory used by brides are hair combs, and if you have picked up an elegant accessory like bridal laurel leaf comb headpiece, you might want to confirm your hairstyle beforehand to avoid any last minute hassle. Isn't it?

So have you ever thought about how to go about securing your metal hair comb for the wedding day on the loose curls or bob style haircut? It can be fiddly and sometimes a little more tricky. The reality is that it is way easier to work on a solid base - thick hair, messy up-do or a firm bun to nestle the hair comb teeth into. But for those who are new, it could be a task for sure. 

So, in case you are worried about your ultimate wedding hairstyle and coveted hair comb not working, here are the three best ways to secure your bridal metal comb.

  1. The Pincurl. The first and foremost method is to make a pin curl. Pick some portion of hair and let your comb sit at one place. Twirl it and create a small curl and then use two bobby pins to make an X shape. Use a little bit of hold spray to fix the hair in its position. Above it, nestle your bridal decorative metal comb behind with the help of bobby pins.
  2. The Tease. Gently use your comb to tease the hair, insert your metal comb and use some hair pins across the comb's teeth to secure it into a place in the shape of X. Voila! There you go. Your beautiful hair accessory secured in its place.
  3. Elastic Bands. Lastly, you must have seen those hair rubber bands around your place. The excellent way to secure your bridal hair comb for short hair is to simply make a ponytail where you want to place the comb. Once you make a little row using the elastic bands, gently place the comb's teeth into the bands to secure its position. This technique works well in case you are planning to wear a veil on your short hair.

But always remember you cannot defy gravity in any case. That means heavy hair accessory will always need a solid base to stay in one place. While selecting the bridal pieces of hair accessories, make sure you don't pick anything too heavy that may end making you completely comfortable. 

If you are not sure about what to choose, speak to your hairstylist who can suggest some good hair accessories based on your volume and hair type. There are many hair fasteners, accessories that are specially designed for such situations. Think hair clips, wedding headbands, etc., to secure your hair in one place to let your hair comb sit permanently. After-all, you need to make sure you are comfortable wearing everything on your wedding day to look confident, calm and beautiful. 

Mon Coeur Boutique offers a huge collection of handmade bridal combs such as bridal laurel leaf comb headpiece, pins, headbands made of crystal, gemstones and freshwater pearl. Each accessory is specially designed by keeping in mind the aesthetically pleasing appeal of the bride on the wedding day. So, if you are looking for some sparkling and stylish head jewelry, check out the online catalog to know more. 


  • Size: 6"W x 2"H
  • Color: gold or silver
  • Matching headbands and pins available, sold separately