Faux Pearl Beaded Wedding Halo Headband


Product Description

Every bride looks forward to gorgeous looking wedding hairstyle. While many brides can car-ry off short hair looking fabulous, in recent years brides have started growing their hair long for the D-day. Many take help from hair extensions instead. 

But all your brides must realize that extensions not just add length but can also add thickness and volume. In case you have thin hair, and they don’t grow well in time, it’s time you take help from good hair extension. There are different methods to get the hair extensions, and some explained below:

  • Clip-in Hair Extensions

Many brides use clip-in extension because there are no commitments needed. All you need is just to add clips and get the longer locks and remove as soon as you are done. There are human extensions dyed in different colours which you can match with yours and use for the wedding day. 

Secure your hair extensions and style your hair with a head accessory like faux pearl beaded wedding halo headband to secure and complete the look. They pro-vide you flexibility and add fullness to your hairdo. With good care, these exten-sions can be used for a complete year.

Time commitment: Only 30 minutes before the final styling. All your stylist need to do is to keep the grip and hide the clip-ins properly. They are easy to apply and easy to remove as well.

  • Tape-in Hair Extensions

The tape-in extensions are more permanent but not long lasting. These are perfect for those brides who don’t want to take a headache on the day of her wedding.The brides can get these tap-in wedding hair extensions added almost couple of weeks before the final day. They will be good to last throughout your honeymoon period. The hair is also reusable and needs to apply with more adhesive.

Time commitment: About few hours and can last upto one or two months depending on the care.


  • Strand Bonded HairExtensions

The strand bonded hair externs are the permanent hair extension option which can last for nearly 5-6 months after proper care. Small batches of extensions are sepa-rately bonded to your hair using the heat tool and keratin. Depending on your hair thickness, the stylist will add the individual pieces towards your scalp. These exten-sions are known to give great flexibility and are much easier to hide the bundles with clips. So, if you are planning to style your hair with your favorite piece of hair ac-cessory like faux pearl beaded wedding halo headband, strand by strand extensions are easy and simple.

Time commitment: Nearly four hours from the initial application and maintenance after every 5 to 6 weeks.

For those who want instant hair extension can go for the clip-in while those looking for a period of long and smooth hair before and after the wedding can pick from rest two methods. What matters the most is what you are comfortable with! Once you are done adding the hair extensions, you can pick handmade hair accessories from Mon Coeur Boutique that offers beautiful ranges of freshwater pearl and rhinestone head accessories for brides.


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Color: gold
  • Faux pearls
  • Beaded flowers