Handmade Bridal Vine Headpiece With Rhinestone Crystals


Product Description


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Length: 11"
  • Rhinestone crystals
  • Faux pearls

Today there are a number of different wedding hair accessories for brides to choose from with auctions, accessory shops, online retailers, and bridal boutiques offering a number of different avenues where these products can be bought. For a bride-to-be, it could be a little overwhelming to decide precisely where to start. Here is a look at some of the reasons that make bridal hair headbands the best choice among bridal hair accessories.

Use them over and over again

Value for money is something everyone simply adores so it is only prudent to purchase something that could be used time and time again. A wedding hair vine falls precisely into that category. Once the wedding is over, these can be used for dressing up casual clothes or pairing with a gorgeous evening gown for an occasion that demands such a dress. The combination of the two will look just perfect!

While there are others that could be used even after the wedding gets over – combs, wedding hair vine bridal, pins, and grips – your hair will need to be styled in a certain manner if these accessories have to sit in properly and over a long time. If this arrangement is fine with you then there is certainly little to worry about but if you happen to be someone who simply gives her hair a quick brush before being off you will find the humble headband to be your best choice of handmade bridal jewelry.

Position them with ease

Nothing can be positioned more easily on the head than a wedding headband. If your hair is styled properly then it has to be simply slipped into place and you will be good to go. As opposed to some other forms of hair accessories these don’t need the hair to be arranged in a certain manner in order to remain in place. Moreover, if you feel you are getting bored and it is starting to pinch you behind the ears simply take it off. There is no need to worry because while doing so, there will be no impact on your hairstyle. Trying something similar with a different piece of accessory will definitely lead to a messy outcome.

A good choice for the brides and bridesmaids

While tiaras seem more like hair jewelry designed exclusively for the brides, wedding headbands are suited for the bridesmaids as well. So when you find yourself in the situation of having to buy a piece of accessory for both yourself and your bridesmaids, bridal headbands will offer you a way out as far as obtaining a coordinated wedding day look is concerned. It is not necessary that all your choices of handmade bridal jewelry have to be the same – your bridesmaids could opt for daintier versions of crystal hair accessories while you go for something more prominent.

Pairing with seemingly every hairstyle

It is difficult to think of another form of bridal accessory for the hair that will suit every hairstyle. If you are not yet decided on how you would want to style your hair for the wedding day while the big moment gradually creeps closer, settle for a crystal bridal headband as an option so that you have something with which to decorate your hair on your special day.

They won’t cost you as much as a tiara but their effectiveness cannot be doubted

It is usually far less expensive to buy a headband compared to a tiara so if you are on a tight budget, you know what to grace your wedding day hairstyle with! The best part is a bridal headband can easily be worn in a manner that makes it resemble a tiara.

If you think a headband will look too simple an accessory to wear on your wedding, you always have the option of choosing something more elegant and gorgeous. A Handmade Bridal Vine Headpiece with Rhinestone Crystals from Mon Coeur Boutique is one such product. A beautiful handmade adornment for the hair this is a product that will suit every bride. Being a lightweight accessory it won’t weight too much on your chick hairstyle so you can continue to wear it over a long period. It is a good choice for all the females involved in the wedding ceremony, a bridal headband that is unique and sure to leave everyone feeling mesmerized and dazzled.

At Mon Coeur Boutique you will find a premium range of exquisitely designed handcrafted hair decorations for the brides besides the flower girls and bridesmaids. This is a great place where you can buy a new accessory that complements and completes your grand look for the big wedding day.