Handmade Crystal Bridal Tiara Headpiece


Product Description

All the brides wish that they have long hair to compliment their wedding dress. But as your special day comes near, the stress, continuous shopping schedules can lead to damage and maintain your long hair becomes more of a challenge. Therefore, if you have been searching the internet for the tips to maintain your long hair, your wait ends hair. Here are five basic caring tips for your long hair. To achieve long, shiny and lustrous hairstyle following tips are the must-dos on a daily basis so that you can style your hair with lovely Handmade Crystal Bridal Tiara Headpiece on your wedding day. Sounds great. Isn’t it? Let’s learn how to take care of your hair for long and shiny results. 

  1. Regular Trimming: This is one of themes important part of your hair routine. As your hair starts growing, they tend to get damaged more. Therefore, almost get started from three to four months and follow regular trims after every 4-6 weeks. If not chopped, your hair will get prone to split ends, and everyone knows how ug-ly they tend to look. The splits can end up higher and can damage your hair com-pletely. 
  2. Avoid long and hot showers: A hot steamy shower may feel amazing during the winter season, but the damage it creates to your hair is higher than you can expect. The steam can open the hair pores and also end up weakening the hair strands. It even ends up robbing your scalp of the natural oils. Avoid using hot water on the scalp. Use the lukewarm water and rinse post the conditioner use should be that of cold water. This will help your hair lock the moisture and let your hair smooth and shiny. 
  3. Don’t use the town to rub your hair: One of the common mistakes done by all is to rub hair with the towel. This will end up damaging your hair instantly and will even give you split ends. Therefore, it’s better to cover your hair with a towel to soak up water. This will leave your hair strong and soft.  You can also use a cotton cloth to wrap your hair instead of using a towel. 
  4. Don’t use a blow dryer or iron too often: The hot air or tong can make your hair rough and brittle. Therefore, avoid using dryer and ironing machine as much as you can. Instead, you can sit under the fan or only allow your hair to dry naturally. In to-day’s time when there are tons of hair styling tools, this is one of the best tips to let your hair stay healthy before the wedding day. You surely don’t want to have dam-aged burnt hair on your special day. 
  5. Don’t tie hair tightly at night: If you want to use your favorite headpiece like Handmade Crystal Bridal Tiara Headpiece on your wedding day, you surely don’t want to get your hair fall and become weak. Therefore, before you go to bed, make sure you comb your hair properly. Remove the messy knots and put them into a loose braid and sleep on a satin covered pillow. The tight braids and buns can end up damaging the hair while turning and tossing at night leading to severe hair fall. So, make sure you tie your hair loosely and also cover them properly before hitting the bed.

Every bride wishes to have a long and silky hair on her wedding day so that stylist can give the desired hairstyle to complement with the dress. However, before that, it’s essential that you take care of your hair on a daily basis starting in advance to ensure you can get the desired hair texture and length to use your favourite hair ac-cessory. 

Mon Coeur boutique brings you an extensive collection of authentic handmade hair accessories. You surely would not want to miss the flavour of sparkle and shine with elegant hair accessories to complement your wedding dress.


  • Color: gold or silver
  • Glass bead crystals
  • Faux pearls