Gold Laurel Bay Leaf Handmade Bridal Tiara


Product Description


  • Bendable and flexible
  • Color: gold
  • Goddess-inspired laurel bay leaves
  • Faux pearls
  • Ribbon tie in back

Planning for the big day of your life? Inspired by the florals and lace structured tiaras and headbands? Want a typical fairy tale wedding, donning a lacy gown and floral beaded hair tiaras? The old school hair decorations still leave you awestruck? If you are young women, driven by the wedding attires shown in the chick flicks, you are at the right place.

This wedding season florals and golds are doing rounds in the perfect wedding dress preparations. When you are up for portraying yourself as the dreamy vintage bride, you have to go step by step through the preparations. Initially, you have to decide the gown. In order to showcase the ancient era, you have to redefine that era using various hair accessories such as crystal hair jewelry, handmade tiaras, crystal hair etc.

The wedding accessory preparations should be given immense consideration and then only the appropriate one shall be selected. This is the most important day of your life and you should stand out from the crowd. In fairytale weddings, the brides carry the handmade bridal tiaras made out of flowers and laces. Since the vintage styles are coming up again in the designer game but with a little twist, the metallic colored flowers especially the gold-colored flowers are a rage in the market. Here is a guide to your perfect bridal tiara that will perfectly fit the outlines for a princess turned bride.

Bridal Hair Clip: In case you want to break out conventional ways of a bridal hairdo, you can go ahead with the option of choosing bridal hair accessories such as hair clips, gemstones etc will perfectly fit the chic flick wedding diaries. All you can do is let loose your hair, along with beautiful curls. Combine a hair clip to keep away those bangs from the face and showcase that alluring bridal glow.

Crown or a Tiara: A crown or a tiara can be paired up with a veil or without a veil. This will complete the look of a princess turning into a bride. Choosing the tiara you can go with those stereotypical silvery tiaras or you can inject a bling of gold. The delicate flower colored in the gold hue will give you that royal look that will match up well with the theme of your wedding.

Gold Laurel Bay Leaf Handmade Bridal Tiara

Now, when you are opting for a tiara, the toughest question that comes to your mind is to go with the most common tiaras available in the market or make a mark with the handmade bridal tiaras. The best one to look out for in the market is the Gold Laurel Bay Leaf Handmade Bridal Tiara. These can be adjusted easily on the head of any bride and will notch up your bride game. Taking into account the easy adjustability of these tiaras, they are the ones to go for. The little intricacies have been completed with perfection and the details are perfectly highlighted to enhance the whole bridal look.

Hair Combs: When you want to beautify your hairdo, these hair combs comes to the rescue. These tiny hair combs will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the whole look and will grab the eyes of everyone in the crowd.

Your bride game will accentuate when you will insert these handmade bridal tiaras and into the picture. Not only the metallic colored hair accessories but little crystals bridal accessories combined with your hairdo will give you the hint of perfection. So, with our little guide, you are sure to portray that perfect bridal look inspired by the famous mills and boons and chic flicks. Bring in the vintage styles into action with a little twist of the modern era.

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