Handmade Bridal Tiara Wedding Hair Accessory


Product Description

Weddings in winters are dreamy and unique. Many people who want to have an outdoor wedding don’t wish to get married in winter. But then there is something cozy and magical about the winter weddings. Getting married in snowy and cold months requires too much of planning especially for brides.

Do you like to wear winter boots, heels or cozy booties? Should you wear fur stole or long sleeved dress? What type of hairstyle would go with a win-ter wedding dress and look? Planning your overall wedding style for a win-ter wedding is a whole different story. Moncoeur Boutique can help you pick perfect bridal accessories for your winter wedding. While the wedding date might be still a couple of months away, you would want your wedding look to be finalised and nailed down before time is near. 

The Dress

The best part of the winter wedding is that you don’t have to worry about the dress. In case you have planned for a strapless dress, adding a fur coat will not only make you warm but will also look gorgeous. You can pick any wedding dress and add a shawl or fur stole to keep warm at night. A full sleeve dress with lace can also look uniquely gorgeous for the winter wed-ding. 
The beauty or elegance of a long-sleeved dress will make you look like a winter queen. Another option is to wear a ball gown. The extravagant skirt will add the wonderland theme look for your winter wedding. Don’t forget to add warm shoes and gloves to match the final wedding dress.

The Makeup 

Depending on what dress you choose for your wedding, your make up may differ. In case you want to go for a bold statement and wish to stand out against your white snow dress, opt for darker makeup to create a perfect look. 

Wear deep colours like burgundy, light maroon with smokey eyes and dark mascara to create a double tone look. However, if you want to go for the softer look and more winter based, natural coloured lipstick or light pink, soft peach eye make could be everything you would like to have.  

The Hair 

Finally the hair, the essential part of your bridal look. You can twist, curl, or braid your hair and add a beautiful head accessory to your bridal look. If you are concerned about the frizzy hair, you can go for an up-do and keep it neat with headpiece like handmade Bridal Tiara Wedding Hair Accessory
This will not only save your hair from getting sticky but the tiara will add a more princess looking style and will add sparkle to your perfect winter look. There are many other hair accessories at Moncoeur Boutique that you can pick from for beautiful jewelled hairstyle. These hair accesses could be the last touch you would need to complete your magical bridal style. 

If you plan for a perfect winter look, your wedding photos will turn out to be more amazing than you have ever hoped for. Look like an absolute win-ter queen with exclusive head accessories like Handmade Bridal Tiara Wedding Hair Accessory by Moncoeur Boutique. Make sure to pick every-thing for the complete bridal look and start your planning now!


  • Handmade
  • Bridal tiara crown
  • Color: gold or silver
  • Glass beads
  • Faux topaz