Set Of Two Laurel Bay Leaf Bridal Hair Combs


Product Description

If you have not been a part of any wedding or haven't been married yet, you would not know that bridal dress and accessories are the most important part of bride's big day. With many stunning pieces of hair accessories, how do you exactly know what type to choose? Without much delay, here's a quick rundown of all your options.

Tiara & Crown: You can wear crowns and tiaras alone or with wedding veil and headbands. These two hair accessories can go perfectly with any style include hair up, or down or half up and down. Choose your lovely understated style for a more traditional look or little blinged out for glamorous if you are looking for fairytale wedding theme.

Hair Combs: The decorative hair combs vary in shape and size and looks fantastic in hair that is styled in an updo. The brides can select from a handmade set of two laurel bay leaf bridal hair combs to match with their veil. Hair combs are considered as the popular choices for the hair accessories among the brides.

Hair flowers: With more and more brides looking forward to pastel themed weddings, flowers are trending back as one of the loved hair accessories. Allow your hair to loose and blow away from your hair and use large blooms for a simpler style, and smaller blooms for delicate looks. Use fresh seasonal flowers and use same theme color.

Hair Vines: Looking for romantic, offbeat boho chic style, hair vines can be manipulated and bent into different styles and shapes to accent any hairstyles. Twist your vines on the soft braided updo or around the bun wrap or just use it as a headband for that beautiful romantic look.

Hair Clips/Pins: Hairpins are understated and easily worn on the back of your head which is perfect for brides who wish to wear statement jewelry. If you like simpler and subtle version that will allow your hair to stay in place, consider using clips to secure the loose ends.

Veil with accessories: A plain net veil can look spectacular if attached to a headband, stunning tiara or hair comb.The most important part to consider is the positioning of your veil that will help you determine the placement of your hair accessory.

Birdcage Veils-The signature accessory glam vintage bridal wedding are birdcage veils. Maintain the length of the veil to 9'' to keep away from any interference and add a crystal hair accessory for an added sparkle. You can pick set of two laurel bay leaf bridal hair combs to go with your veil and complete your bridal look.

Now that you are aware of all your hair accessory options go ahead and start shopping today. Mon Coeur Boutique gives you plenty of handmade custom pieces of hair accessories to finish your bridal look.


  • Set of two combs
  • Comb size: 3.5"W x 2"H
  • Laurel bay leaf detail
  • Color: silver or gold
  • Matching headband here
  • Hairpins here
  • Large combs available here